Saturday, March 20, 2010


Thought I'd fill out this survey again for Colin. Soon I will be able to do this for Colin AND Carley! Since Colin is going to be a big brother, we have been calling him Broseph (from the Balloon Shop videos). Yes, we are strange. My Colin is a great kid and he is a blast to watch grow up.

Age: 2 years and 8 months

Weight: 29 pounds still. 2T clothes and size 9 shoe

Feedings: He likes to eat! Still a little picky, but eating alot better than he used to.

Favorites: "mario time" with daddy (wii), playing outside (especially at playgrounds), going on walks, playing golf, bubbles, playing drums and guitar.

Least Favorites: being told no, taking naps during the day, transition

Issues: Colin has REALLY gotten better about the fit throwing. He is communicating so much and can reason better than he used to. Now, he is just picking up things from other kids school that I'm not okay with (but I also expected to happen....its just part of letting your kid out into the world.) Things like hitting, telling me no, and the BIG one is him saying "MINE!" Oh well, he will get better.

Personality: same as last time. JUST like his dad with my sensitive feelings. He is very observant and inquisitive. Always noticing little details.

Areas to Work On: Potty Training. We are getting there. He goes in the potty about 95% of the time that we make him sit. But he won't ask to go on his own. If we don't make him sit he is perfectly content peeing on himself. So I guess we need to work on him saying/asking to go sit on the potty!

New Things: wearing undies, identifying numbers and colors, beat-boxing with his mouth, saying his own prayer at night (all it is, is "Thank you God for ______" over and over.)

Randomness: He insulted me for the first time yesterday. I told him he couldn't do something he really wanted to do and he clenched his teeth together and said, "Stinky Mommy!"


aggielady02 said...

Think I'm going to use your cute kid quiz. Saw your tweet about name spelling. I've seen it spelled Carleigh and Carlee which are both cute too!

Stephanie Calderon said...

LOL I love reading your blogs Sarah they always make me smile! you have such a cute family and you guys are so awesome and funny :)