Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The heart of a youth ministry worker

These are the things that make me want to throw up my hands and quit youth ministry.

1. A jr high boy sees every rhetorical question as an opportunity to shout out something stupid that might possibly bring attention to himself. Oh jr high boys...bless their hearts.

2. A student sneaks into the ceiling at the high school, falls through the ceiling, gets sent to the hospital and therefore causes us to never be able to do church events at the high school again.

3. Someone (most likely a youth) breaks the push bar off the outside door to our new building. The suspect just leaves the push bar leaning against the wall instead of fessing up.

4. Hearing that one of your students was tested positive for drug use, or has been cutting, or got pregnant, etc.

5. Having to break up a make out session in the Senior Ladies Sunday School room.

6. Asking that student (30 minutes after bible study was over) when his ride was going to be there and him responding with, "Oh, can I borrow your phone and call my dad to come get me?" I mean they think we live at the church and want to hang out with them until the wee hours of the morning?


But then...there are those few moments with students that make this all worth it. Like...

1. Seeing about 8 of our students (no adult help) lead the entire congregation in worship...and do it well!

2. Getting a text that says, "I found that verse that you were telling me about."

3. Having a student come up to me and say, "I want to talk to you about what you taught tonight."

4. Leading a girl with a learning disability to Christ.

5. Seeing a young man, who 3 years ago would never be caught doing anything in front of a crowd of people, play the bass guitar in front of our church congregation.

6. A student gives up her entire "new cell phone savings" to give to World Hunger.

Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve. -1 Peter 5:2

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How life is going

This is how life is going in...

School: This has been one of the toughest classes I've ever had. But I am more emotional about them leaving me in one week than any class! Some of them have made HUGE progress not only academically, but even emotionally and maturity wise. Makes me want to move up to 1st grade and have them all again! I have one student that Jeff and I have really made a relationship with her family. It is a sad, sad situation that they have but they are a family that have such genuine hearts. So please be in prayer for that family and that those needs will be met!

Youth Ministry: I have really grown to love it and the students. I do not, however, have an easy time with the species of jr. high boys. Its like they lose brain cells during those few years! I love them to death, but good grief! haha. But really, its been fun having more real conversations with the students lately. And we are in our new youth room and it is AWESOME! Lots of good space to do some growing and learning and fellowshiping! I enjoy teaching them and I'm looking forward to some cool summer activities with them!

Jeff: Is crazy busy with photography stuff lately! Its a good thing, but I'm ready for it to slow down too. May is ALWAYS big for him. He does graduation pictures, tball pictures, etc. Its fun to see his products though. He just gets better and better at it every time! I love Jeff's partnership. He is so helpful. But I also love that everything we do in life...every activity, decision, etc. is done together. Love that man!

Colin: Can't believe the boy is almost 4! One more school year and then he goes to Kindergarten! He is a great kid. Very smart, very sensitive to others feelings, but sometimes too sensitive with his own! Boy does he get worked up about little things! We are going on vacation in June and I'm excited about it for him. We are going to a science museum, the aquarium and a Rangers game. All things that will be really fun to see him at! I think he will love it. We are also putting him in swim lessons this summer and he's already excited about it. He keeps asking, "Is it June yet?

Carley: Can't believe the girl is almost 1! She is just such a joy. So long as you let her be independent! She is so different from Colin. Colin has always been "up my butt" as I call it. He doesn't want to be alone, doesn't know what he should play, doesn't even really know what he wants ever! haha. But Carley knows! If she is bored, she lets you know that she wants down and she goes and gets what she wants. If she wants to be held, she holds her arms up. If she is tired, she crawls to her bed and sits in front of it! She communicates well what she wants. She is saying words like: mama, dada, bubba, "mo" (or more), up, and "paapaa" (pattycake),

I'm just loving life. I almost hesitate making posts about how good things are in life because I don't want people to think I have it all together and nothing bad ever happens to me. NOT TRUE. So if you are reading this and thinking those things...then I guess don't read my blog anymore! lol. Sure there are things that I wish were different. And sure there are days that I feel discontent. But today I choose to live with joy. I choose to count my blessings. I choose to realize that this life is not about me and what I want. I choose to believe that anything I have and anything I am is because of Christ. The days that I DONT choose that attitude are days that are miserable. Its a daily choice that I don't always remember to do. But today I do.