Monday, May 31, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday, May 31, 2010

Outside my window...a beautiful summer morning! Its about 70 degrees right now, but will get into the 90s later. I LOVE summer weather. Jeff hates it, but I think its great.

I am remembering...6 years ago when I married Jeff. It was the start of something awesome! So much has changed since we've gotten married. Many job changes, 2 college graduations, a big move, 4 different residences, buying a house, a new church and ministry, and 1 (almost 2!) kids has been quite the eventful 6 years. I love Jeff more than anything. My favorite things about him are: seeing him be a sweet daddy, his endless talent, and I love how he and I make a good team. We work well together. :)

I am thankful for...old friends and new friends. both are necessary.

I am creating...a way cute bedroom for my kids. Almost finished and I am SO pleased with it.

I am start packing my hospital/diaper bag today. :)

I am reading...To Live is Christ by Beth Moore

I am hoping...Jeff gets back on a Texas schedule soon! Poor thing is a wee bit jetlagged. Any time he sits still he falls asleep.

On my mind...getting this house cleaned, organized, and ready for a baby to dwell here.

From the learning rooms...4 more days....4 more days. I am, however, quite excited about next school year. I'm hoping I wont be too much of a zombie with a new baby, because there is lots to be done. We have some new ideas and curriculum changes to be put in place that I am excited about. We also got to actually order alot of "stuff" for our classrooms. That usually doesnt happen, so I am excited to get it and use it!

Noticing that...our youth summer plans are not very planned out. With graduation, greece trip, etc. that has kind of been on the back burner. Now all of a sudden, its summer and Jeff and I need to get organized and planned! Ahh!

Pondering these words..."When it comes to temptation, its not about will power. Its about whether or not you trust in God's promises over Satan's lies."

From the kitchen...we've done alot of eating out lately. :/ But I went to the grocery store so now I can cook. I think tonight I might make my dad's rice crispy chicken for Jeff. Delish!

Around the house...My To Do List(not necessarily to be finished today): wash Jeff's greece trip clothes, mop and vaccuum all floors, wash sheets on all beds, buy a shed for backyard, put crap from laundry room into previously mentioned shed, put all toys in laundry room in organized play room fashion.

One of my favorite things...Diet Strawberry Limemade from Sonic

From my picture studly husband in greece. wish i could have gone!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

another update

jeff is back from greece (finally!). That was the longest 11 days of my life! haha. My dad stayed with me while jeff was gone and he was awesome. He painted the kids room, put the crib together, put new patio furniture together for me, etc. He was super handy. The kids room looks SO stinkin cute (to me atleast). Its not quite done yet. I have a few more things I need to do (like stenciling a verse above Carley's crib), but when its complete I will post pics!

I am almost 34 weeks...which is a little crazy to me because I was 35 weeks when I went into labor with Colin! I'm wondering how close I am to labor. I'm trying hard not to read too much into every little pain or sign. Don't want to over-react. But I don't want to disregard anything as "just normal" like I did last time. Last time I had convinced myself I just had gas, when really I was 5 cm dilated!

Here are a few "signs" I am having. Random contractions (nothing consistent yet), swelling feet, and I definitely feel a little dilated with some random back pain. It all seems normal at this point, but again I just wonder if I will go early again. Who knows, I might go 42 weeks! Ahhhh! My next appointment is June 10. I'll get a sonogram and from that point forward I will go every week. Pretty exciting.

Colin is doing so great at school. His teacher always talks about how good and calm he is. He does great with potty training there....rarely has accidents. I'm a little less structured at home about it than his teacher is. I don't get mommy of the year award in that area. I'm tired and lazy and slap a diaper on him. But he still goes at home on the potty and keeps diapers dry alot. So i guess you could say he's "almost" potty trained. I think once Carley is born and school starts again where we are in a routine, we will do full time undies. He is starting to make the connection that this baby carley inside me will eventually be here to live with us. We put the crib up and with no prompting he asked, "Is that baby carley's bed?" I think he is excited that she will be in the same room as him (well...not at first, but eventually). I'm excited to see him be a "broseph." I think he will be really sweet with her.

well, i guess that is all i have to say. I will update again soon with pics of the kids room!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update (with pictures)

Lots has been going on! I'm exhausted, but everything has been so so fun!

I'm going to majorly backtrack all the way back to Easter. MomMom and Pepaw came on that Saturday for the day and we had a little Easter egg hunt. Colin was too cute. He just kept saying, "There's another one! And there's another one!" over and over again (referring to the eggs of course). Then we got a surprise visit from Granny and Pops the next day! We were on our way home from church when Jeff got a call from Pops who said they were in Longview. So glad we got to see all of them that weekend.

Jeff graduated from college! I'm super proud of him. For the past 2 years he has been an excellent husband, father, and youth minister all while still being an excellent student! He received an award at ETBU for his service as a youth pastor and also for outstanding senior religion student. He also graduated magna cum laude! It was a fun day because Jenni (Jeff's sister) graduated as well! So we had lots of family in and it was a wonderful day!

I had 2 baby showers this past week. One at school and one at church! I got some way cute outfits and also got alot of diapers and wipes (which I am SO glad to be stocked up on!) Very excited to start getting stuff ready for Carley's arrival! I have all her clothes washed and hung/put in drawers. Next will be painting the room green (her and Colin will share a room for a few years), putting up the crib/bedding, moving all the toys out to the new "playroom" and then packing bags/preparing for hospital! Once Jeff gets back from Greece we will be getting all the way ready just in case I go into preterm labor again! Just as long as I don't while Jeff is in Greece! I'm sure I'll be fine though.....right? Anyway, here is a pic of the bedding and colors we will be using in the kid's room!

Next on our agenda....
-May 11: next dr.'s appointment
-May 16: Jeff leaves for Greece :(
-May 25: Jeff comes home! :)
-May 29: Our 6 year anniversary
-that same weekend, Uncle JonJon comes for a visit and we have our youth end of year "80s skate night!"
- June 4: last day of school! woo hoo!
- June 21-25 Youth Camp (I will NOT be going, Jeff might be...but he's also got back up leaders in case!)
-July 13: tentative due date for little Carley!
-July 31: Kyle and Sheryl's wedding! Can't wait. followed by a stay in Arlington!

Again, I just want to stress that God is good. In the past year some things have been taken away. I lost my sweet sister and sacrifices are being made in staying here in Marshall (financially, being apart from family, etc.). Yet at the same time, he gives. I am about to have a little girl who will carry on my sister's name. And he has provided for us in many different ways. He gives and he takes away, but he is always there. And for that I am eternally grateful! Thank you God for having plans for us that are good and for giving us hope.