Thursday, May 28, 2009


I love our new home so much! It is nothing big and fancy. 1 bathroom. A little on the smaller side. A smallish quaint kitchen. But just right. I love it.

I love how quiet our neighborhood is. And how pretty. There are lots of trees. Our house backs up to the woods (rather than neighbors behind us) and it is really cool. Jeff took me out to the back tonight to show me a beautiful sight. Looking back at the woods we could see hundreds of fireflys! It was so cool. It almost looked like Christmas lights. There are also a ton of blackberries back there. You can smell that sweet smell as you walk down to the woods. I just LOVE it!

We finished the bathroom. Jeff worked on it today while I was at work. He had to patch up some big holes and repaint. Then he hung the shelves. He did a great job!

God is so good. I'm definitely praying alot about our future in this house. We will have lots of good memories and maybe even some sad ones. We might bring another baby home to this home. We might grieve over the loss of a loved one in this home. Colin might become a child of God in this home. Colin might break a bone in this home! Whether good or bad happens in this is still home. And that is comforting.

Kind of like God. Whether good or bad happens...God is still God. And that is comforting.

I pray that this home is glorifying to God. I don't want it simply be a roof over our heads. I want it to be a safe haven for my family. But I also want it to be a safe haven for other people as well. I would LOVE for our house to be a place where someone might come to know Christ. I want to use this as part of our ministry here. I just hope that I remember that this is not MY house but a house that God has given to me to be a steward of. Really this is the case for EVERYTHING. Nothing belongs to me. My house, my money, my job, my husband, my son....all of it belongs to God and I am simply entrusted to it.

Monday, May 11, 2009


We close tomorrow on our house! So I am taking tomorrow off to run some errands (like buying a fridge that my mom helped us out with...Thanks mom!) and then we meet at 3pm to sign all the papers.

There is only one bummer though. We went by the house a few days ago to check out the property lines. They were staked out for us to see where our property ends/begins. Well basically, like the back almost half of the back yard is not our back yard. The house next door to us is rented out and the guy that owns it owns an L shape of land. It is really weird and really frustrating. That was one of THE biggest reasons for us going for this house is the amount of space in the back! But, our realtor was going to check into us possibly buying that chunk of yard from him. If not, maybe the guy will atleast be nice enough to let us use it and do what we want on it. We were planning on putting in a shed there and I was planning on planting my garden back there! Hopefully something will work out.

But I am excited! I am excited to paint Colin's room, to have a garbage disposal, to have carpet for my little guy to roll around on and not get hurt. I am excited to have a HUGE laundry room. And even though there is only 1 bathroom, I am excited that this one will be way more functional than our bathroom now. I am excited to have COVERED PARKING! And this may sound silly...but I am excited to have a red front door. It is so cute!

So we close tomorrow, and will start slowly moving stuff over there. We won't officially move (like live there move) until May 23. I am having a small garage sale this Saturday. Hopefully I can make a little money to go toward that shed and a mower.

I am so excited but really nervous about "revamping" our finances to make this work. We are really going to have to sacrifice on alot of things. But it is worth will just be different. God will provide and we will ask him to show us how to honor him with the money/material things that he has blessed us with. God is good!