Friday, January 29, 2010

facial hair

Haven't posted in a while and don't feel like I have anything exciting to say! This blog of mine cracks me up anyway because all the people that read it I either talk to on a regular basis or they follow me on facebook so I feel like I just repeat myself! haha. oh well i guess it just gives me something relaxing and mindless to do when i have nothing else to do.

Went to the doctor yesterday. very short and quick visit. heartbeat was 154bpm. And i go back on Feb. 26th to find out the gender! I am SO STINKIN excited to find out. Im tired of saying "baby." I want to say brother or sister or call this thing a name! Which brings me to the next frustrating subject. We have 2 very precious baby girl names picked out (or atleast I think they are cute...some of my friends dont act like they think it is too cute...but oh well.) But we CANNOT find a boy name that we agree on. I have 4 or 5 boy names that I really like and Jeff does not like any of them. Grrrr. So if this baby is a boy we are just gonna call him "man child" or something. kinda impersonal to me.

Colin still seems to be doing good in his school. He is always clean and content and happy when I pick him up. He talks about his teacher and friends alot and is constantly singing songs and such that he has learned. So I can't complain! He likes it so I like it. And I JUST love how close it is to the house. So super convenient.

I am about to start going through Beth Moore's "To Live Is Christ" study with a friend. Really excited but also a little nervous. I'm going to be honest and say that spending time reading my Bible and studying has NOT been frequent lately. I think it will be a hard transition, but a necessary and beneficial one. I'm also going to have to figure out the best time of day for me to do this. I don't know if it will be easier to wake up earlier (already not a fun process lately) or wait till Colin goes to bed (which has been my nightly and involuntary crash on the couch session). But I am really excited to do this and learn more about my God!

So things are going good at the Notelpats household. We only get sad that we can't see our families in Arlington more than we do. We haven't seen either of our parents since Christmas (which I guess was only a month ago...but it seems like a long time ago). And it is hard for us to come there since Jeff kind of has to "work" on Sundays. Looking forward to seeing our families soon.

So I will leave you with an funny conversation I had with one of my students....

Student: Mrs. Stapleton, how come Mr. Jeff has hair all over his face and you don't?

Me: Because Mr. Jeff is a boy and I am a girl. When boys get to be grown up they grow hair on their face. Girls don't do that.

Student: ......(after about 20 seconds of silence).....Well then why does my grandma have some hair on her face? She is a girl.

Me: ..............uhhhhhh..........

Thursday, January 7, 2010


so I am exhausted getting back into this school routine after 2 blissful weeks off....and the dreadful cold is certainly not helping. All I want to do is snuggie it up! Thats what I get for buying the "cute" peir and beam house. it is very drafty! oh well...

colin started his new school and he loves it! he really has adjusted very well. hasnt really cried much at all! And he already seems to be benefiting from it. Just from 4 days of being there he is just talking up a storm. Using these HUGE sentences and telling me all about what he did during the day. Sentences like, "I like school. I go to school and paint. I play with my cars." When I picked him up today he said, "C'mon mommy lets get my backpack and lunchbox!" As my mom and uncle would say "He's a pretty fart smeller." (if you switch the beginning letters its 'smart feller.' hehe)

yes I am very pleased with his school. i've already had a few well meaning people try to tell me negative things about the place. but there isnt a perfect place and as long as he likes it and is thriving there, then i am happy. and....just to do a quick vent... i know i am young and a 'kid' to some people. but i am a grown woman/mommy and i am capable of making decisions for my family. k i feel better now! lol

i am SOOOOO very excited that this is jeff's last semester. i think i am more excited about him graduating than i was for ME to graduate. i'm just ready for us to have a 'normal' family schedule. for us to go to bed and wake up at the same time and for me to actually spend time with him at night instead of having to leave him alone to write a paper or go to the library. and hopefully this semesters classes will be 'lighter' than last semesters. it was really fun to see him do youth ministry stuff over the christmas break and he was so much better at it simply because he had time and could focus on JUST that. excited to see what next year brings with him being 'full time' at it.

little baby is still cooking! i think i might have felt some rolls in there (not kicks...more like a flip or something!) it was cool. not for sure thats what it was, but i'll just pretend it was! i go back to the dr for my 16 week check up on the 28th of Jan. then at the end of Feb. we'll find out if this little thang is going to be another rowdy boy....or a bossy little girl like me. jk....i'm not bossy. :)

we are really happy that we moved here and feel so at peace that this is the right place for us. but its hard to keep friends here cause they keep leaving! first daniel and mary, now jenni and tim, eventually jeremy and danielle, and then eventually sheryl and kyle! i just hate it. and jeff has made a TON of really really good friends at ETBU that have left or will leave when they graduate. its just hard.

there are some FABULOUS couples at church that are so good to us and invest themselves in our lives (which we love them for it) but they are not our age. We need those "older" (and i don't mean old) friends, but we also need friends in the same 'stage of life' as us. Especially since working with youth means we dont get plugged into a group of people our age. We do have them, it just seems like its a revolving door of friends and that takes me on an emotional rollercoaster when i start to get attached and then have to say adios! and i am HORRIBLE about staying in touch with people that i really DO want to stay in touch with....even my dear friends back in Arlington! I guess that could be new years resolution is to try to stay in more contact with the friends I love. I'll try!

Well I hope everyone stays warm in this devestatingly cold weather. Everyone put your snuggies on! (have you noticed i am a snuggie fan?)