Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things I Like...

So, I'm going to sort of copy my husband. He does a "Things I like" post every once in a while. But he only posts 1 thing and talks about it in detail. I will just make a list and talk about mine in semi-detail and get it all done in one shot! :) Now, I am not promising that this will even be entertaining to anyone. You might read this and think, "Now what was her point?" Well, I don't need a point, do I? So if you don't like to read stuff that has no purpose...don't read.

1. a lack of clutter in my house and classroom. It makes me feel calm. I try to train my students at school to be the same way...I usually fail at that. I always have one student every year that is my kindred spirit in organization. I hook up with that student very quickly at the beginning of the year and he/she (its usually a she) is my partner in crime in combatting the chaos that could potentially occur when you have 20 5-year-olds in the room.

2. being outside...but not in winter. It drives Jeff crazy that the first thing I do in the mornings is open the blinds. And here lately I've been putting the baby gate in the front door and leaving the front door open. It makes me wish I had a screen door! I just love sunlight, warmth and the sounds of outside. I love those sounds especially where we live. We live in a quiet neighborhood. We don't here cars much. And we back up to the woods where there is a swamp. So we hear lots of frogs, crickets, birds, etc. I hate feeling cooped up. When I taught in Arlington, I had a classroom on an inside hall with NO windows and I hated it! Now I have a classroom that has a whole wall of windows that looks out into a nicely landscaped courtyard and it makes me SO happy. Sometimes, when my kids have lost their minds, I just go stare out the window and tune them out. :)

3. Mornings. I was made for them. I really love getting up way before Jeff and the kids. I like to mentally prepare myself and get physically ready for the day before my 2 grumps (Jeff and Colin) are torn from their beds. Now, Carley will sleep and sleep and sleep if I let her. But if she is awoken...she is still happy!

4. Teaching. I think I enjoy preparing to teach more that I do actually teaching! I just learn so much in preparation whether its for school or church. So maybe its actually "learning" that I like so much.

5. Garage Sales and Flea markets! We are going to Canton this weekend with the kids and Jenni and Tim and I am SOOO excited! Its just a fun atmosphere. And I love to rummage through junk...I mean I like the cute boutiques and stuff, but I want to look at JUNK and see how I can make into something functional and/or cute.

6. Being with my family. It doesn't matter WHAT we do as long as we are together. Tonight we all went grocery shopping together. Now, normally when i grocery shop by myself...I curse in my head. I HATE grocery shopping. But it all of a sudden was the funnest thing ever...just because they were there. My kids are just so sweet and funny. And Jeff is just fun. He is way cooler than I am. I am only cool by association with my husband. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Friday, February 4, 2011

Outside my window... its perfect! About 72 degrees. And since we had the time change...its not even dark yet and it is 7:30! I love that.

I am remembering... life in Arlington. I just got back from there and I always think of lots of memories when I drive around there!

I am thankful for... having a job. I hate the uncertainty that lies ahead for others. Its just not fair.

I am creating... well its more of a future creating...right now its just in the planning/thinking stage. My project this summer is to turn my laundry room into a play room. My mom found an old piece of crap play sink and stove that we are going to fix up. And now I'm on the hunt for old piece of crap table and chairs to fix up. I plan on sewing a matching apron and towels and pot holders to go with it!

I am going... to have another procedure done tomorrow. They found Chrons disease from the last colonoscopy and tomorrow is the next step to look further into it. Tomorrow I get to swallow a pill that has a light and a camera in it and it takes a bazillion pics of my small intestines! How cool is that? haha. Im really excited to know what is wrong and to start whatever kind of medication soon!

I am reading...Radical. I love it and hate it at the same time.

I am hoping... Carley's little cough goes away on its own and is not something more serious.

On my mental grocery list

From the learning rooms...psh! Its Spring Break!

Pondering these words... "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God." -Hebrews 12:1-2

From the kitchen desperately needs to be restocked.

Around the house...laundry in process, little girl sleeping, little boy eating everything in sight, and nick jr.

One of my favorite things... spending time with my mom. my creative juices + her creative juices = creative explosion!

A Picture... my sweet happy girl!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Live from Chicago!

So I am in Chicago on our last full day here. Jeff is at a media/technology workshop right now. That is all a foreign language to me so I opted to stay here and read/blog/and possibly take a nap depending on how long it takes me to write this post!

This is truly a blessing from God that we were able to come here. Jeff won the tickets to come here and our church is so supportive and awesome to help us get the rest of the way here! We have heard some great speakers, gone to some very insightful workshops/Q&As, and heard some fantastic worship bands. By the way, it is now my goal to be in the Gungor band. (not really...but I can dream right?) I mean its always been my life long dream to play the cello, now I shall add "in the Gungor band" to that "play the cello." Anyway, I have never heard such unique, intricate, and precise musical talent and it also be worship at the same time. Cool stuff!

Anyway, I just wanted to make a bullet list of a few phrases/points that have stuck out to me this past weekend. (And I might add more later since we have 2 more worship sessions)

  • "Lock-ins are the worst idea in the history of youth ministry. I don't even know who came up with that. Apparently someone from hell." -Louie Giglio
  • Youth ministry could potentially be the stalling of immaturity. Just because youth ministers have always been know as the "fun, light hearted, game-playing, dont know what they are talking about" people doesn't mean we cant go home and take this generation of youth to a intimately deep understanding of who God is!
  • "Everything that teenagers are looking for in life...Jesus already is. Therefore, we don't have to try to make him relevant...because he already is!" -Doug Fields
  • "Adolescence is no longer a life-stage...its a life-style." -Brian Berry
Also, I attended a workshop that discussed how to balance the youth ministry world without neglecting your family. There were lots of practical tips and ideas that I got from that. But more than anything, it was just SO reassuring to be around couples and other parents who understand what it is like to maintain these 2 worlds at the same time.

This has been such a relaxing and fulfilling time. BUT I am SOOOO ready to go home. I miss Colin and Carley so stinkin much. We have been skyping them every night...and seriously I think that almost makes it worse! I can see them but I can't touch them! Its such a tease. Like there was one time that Colin kept trying to grab the webcam at my parents house and I told him 3 times to stop. That mommy instinct kicked in and I actually swatted the computer screen thinking I was popping his hand! Yeah...that was embarrasing. I just tried to act like there was a fly on the screen.

But really...I cannot wait to hug and kiss my kids. Im ready to go back to the chaos. I'm even ready to go back to those 20 screaming 5 year olds. I'm ready to hear "Mrs. Stapleton!" 5 thousand times a day again. And Im definitely ready to see those teenagers again. Yes...those teenagers that apparantly speak a different language than me and think the word "poop" needs to be somehow inserted in every conversation. Someone has to love them, right? I'll try!