Thursday, December 8, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, Monday, December 19, 2011

Outside my even cold! It's in the mid 60's. But I am NOT complaining. I hate cold weather.

I am remembering... Christmas as a child. My grandparents would spend the night at our house (even though they only lived 2 minutes away). We would all pile in my brother's stinky room to sleep since the grandparents had to sleep in mine and my sister's room. And my grandmother would make the BEST breakfast on Christmas morning. Egg in a basket and sausage rolls. Mmmmm.....

I am thankful job that allows me to have 2 weeks off for Christmas.

I am mean "already done created." I finally finished the play kitchen for the kids Christmas. The most expensive thing was the faucet ($20) which I was not real happy about buying. I had originally bought a J pipe for the faucet and some cheap faucet handles, but it just didn't work out because there was no possible way to attach the stinkin thing. Can't wait for them to see it!


And after...

Soon...I will post a new creation that I made that I am super excited about. But you'll have to wait, because its someone's christmas present and they might find it on here!

I am Arlington for a week tomorrow. Santa is coming early to our house tonight before we leave town!

I am reading...there will hopefully be lots of reading since I am on a 2 week break from school. My goal is to finish the tail end of Redeeming Love and finish the tail end of Radical. I think I only have 2 chapters left in each book. Then if there is time, I will start a new one. Any suggestions?

I am hoping...the next 2 weeks goes by SLOOOOWWW!

On my mind...Wastefulness. It's a huge pet peeve of mine. Yet, I am really good at wasting. I don't like food wasting, money wasting, and especially time wasting! It all boils down to being a good steward.

From the learning rooms...our lesson planning revolves around pinterest. Which may not be such a great thing, but we don't care. It has re-motivated us to do some new stuff!

We have had this in a center...

Made "rain" for a science experiment...

And I am excited to someday make these for my small group table...

Noticing baby girl is almost 18 months old! It makes me sad that she really is not a baby anymore, but it is a BLAST to watch her grow. She is a hoot.

Pondering these words..."Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise. Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works." -Hebrews 10:23-24

From the kitchen...Going out to eat using a Jalapeno Tree gift card from some sweet sweet friends.

Around the house...we got some pretty new hardwood floors in our living room thanks to Jeff and my Dad. Jeff worked really hard to sand them and then my dad came over Thanksgiving break while we were out of town to stain them. Those 2 guys are just stinkin handy...

One of my favorite things... when I have the perfect chip to dip ratio.

A picture from my album... my little guy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Manford and Lita

So our family nicknames for the kids are Manford and Lita. Weird I know. Its actually our wifi name too at our house. Haha.


Age: 4 years and 4 months

Weight: 38 pounds, 4T clothes, size 10 shoe

Feedings: Eats ALOT! The medicine he is on affects his metabolism so he is constantly eating. Still the same old favorites. Macaroni, Spaghettios, Lunchables, but some new favorites are chicken nuggets and popcorn.

Favorites: baseball, football, hockey, basketball, looking for leaves, race cars, The Cars movies, puzzles, Phineas and Ferb, counting to 100, writing letters and words.

Least Favorites: nightmares :(, being told no, crooked socks, green beans, going to bed

Issues: We are working on taking "no" for an answer. He just does not accept it! He will ask for the same thing 528 times and still not accept "no."

Personality: Intense, big thinker, deep emotions, clever, really concentrates and tunes other people out, physically affectionate.

Areas to Work On: Taking "no" for an answer, counting, doing tasks without begging for help (picking up toys, putting on clothes, etc.) Also working on NOT putting his hand down his dang pants. *sigh*

New Things: reading and writing simple words. Its very beginner level, but he is slowly catching on! T-ball is starting for him in the Spring so he practices alot!

Randomness: In Sunday School, before Thanksgiving, Colin's teacher asked them to take turns saying one thing they were thankful for. Colin's response was "I am thankful for playing t-ball with my daddy." :)


Age: 17 pounds

Weight: 17 months, wearing 18 month clothes and size 3 or 4 shoe.

Feedings: She eats what we eat. And she eats anything and everything! She loves it all and is so not picky. The only thing we have found that she does not like is eggs. She loves macaroni, ravioli, string cheese, crackers, yogurt, applesauce.

Favorites: her "patti" (paci), her "buee" (bunny) She loves puppies, babies, books, and legos, and sitting in boxes. She loves to just pace through the house. She never stops or sits! She also loves brushing her teeth!

Least Favorites: me fixing her hair, eggs, and water being poured on her head in the bath.

Issues: She pouts when Jeff spanks her hand, but laughs when I spank her hand. :/

Personality: silly, happy, friendly, content, determined, not physically affectionate like her brother,

Areas to Work On: Not climbing on top of furniture...

New Things: She is a busy busy walker! She is off and ready to tear apart anything in her path. We have to remember to move back all drinks, cell phones, etc. that we don't want broken or spilled! She also randomly has been saying 2 word sentences. She says, "more bites" and "I see Bubba" or "I see Daddy."

Randomness: She also likes to pull her jacket hood over her eyes and walk in circles until she runs into something. Strange kid...

Thank you, Lord, for Colin and Carley. Help me raise them to know you well.