Saturday, September 26, 2009

not very interesting

So I always hesitate to write because I so feel like anything I have to say is not interesting to anyone else. But I suppose I will ramble for a bit anyway...but this time I shall put it in list form.

Things I am looking forward to...
1. the nice cool fall weather!
2. A Canton trip in the nice cool fall weather (probably in November)
3. getting a deck built (with the help of Josh and Taylor)
4. Halloween costumes. Jeff=Luigi. Sarah=Mario (possibly complete with a mustache). Colin=toadstool! We are such nerds, but I am excited about it.

Things that annoy me right now...
1. new curriculum at school. I actually really like the curriculum, I just hate "learning" it and getting used to something new.
2. not being able to sleep. I wake up multiple times a night either because of Colin or my racing mind.
3. Can't think of anything else....guess that's all.

Things I have been pondering...
1. At what point does worrying become bad. There are 2 extremes to this. You can worry so much that you show a lack of trust in what God has in store. But then you can not worry enough that is shows that you don't care about how something turns out and so you don't do your part. Hmmm.....
2. When is it appropriate to confront people and when do I let it go. I have relationships with people that I do not agree with their choices or they have issues with their apathy toward Christ. I truly don't feel like I judge them. I still really love and care about them. But I struggle about being bold with them. Now, some of them are youth and I don't struggle as much with them about "telling them like it is." But some of these people are adults...and that's where I struggle. I feel like they will think, "You don't have the right to tell me I am wrong." But that's not what I want to tell them. What I want to tell them is, "Its not about being right or wrong. This is about the fact the God loves you so much and his ways are better than yours!" But its so hard. I don't want to push away some people that I feel like I have really great relationships with. I don't want to "ruin" it.

Things I like....
1. Colin talking in sentences. Him being able to tell me what he wants instead of whining. Oh wait...he still whines though.
2. The fact the Colin went to MDO the other day "tear free!" Just walked right in like a big boy.
3. my house and just the fact that it is mine.
4. our church and the friends we have made there.
5. my fall wreath. It looks so good on my red door the words of Jeff, "......WELP! See ya later!"

Friday, September 11, 2009

interesting church signs

Oh I'm sorry...I thought God already knows every part of us even if we don't know him.

this would be great advice if I could just figure out who this "Chirst" guy is.

this one took me forever to figure out. At first i thought it was referring to firemen. Apparently the 'c' fell off before the 'hose.'


i didn't think that was the point of forgiveness. if you are still trying to "mess with their heads" that sounds a little more like revenge.

this one is just stupid.

ok.....what the heck is 'afesis?'