Saturday, April 16, 2011


Feel like I need to blog, but don't really have much to say that what be that interesting to other people! But...I'll do it anyway.

1. I booked our hotel for a vacation this summer. We are actually doing a DFW vacation (which sounds weird since we both grew up there) but oh well. I didn't feel like driving far with 2 little ones and its affordable! We are going to a Ranger game, the Dallas Aquarium, and the Fort Worth Science Museum. I'm super pumped!

2. Carley is growing and I love it and hate it at the same time! Its so exciting to see how she is turning out. And even though she is only 9 months old I already feel like I can't remember much about her life already! I just work so much (not complaining though...super glad to have a job!) that when I get home I'm beat and I'm kind of a zombie. Therefore, I feel like I'm not enjoying my children as much as I should/could. But I'm sure lots of moms feel that way. Anyway, Carley has 3 teeth! She is saying a few words like "mama, dada, bubba, uh-oh, paddy cake (sounds more like "pa-ca." She smiles at everyone, loves everyone, and I LOVE HER!

3.My Colin is a year and a half away from starting Kindergarten and that makes me sad too! We basically have 3 choices for where he could go to school. Travis (my school), Crockett(the one by our house), or have him tested for the dual language program at South Marshall (our magnet school). As of right now, I think I'm putting him in Crockett. He is such a great kid! He is extremely "sports minded" so I'm excited about eventually putting him in tball or something. He will be taking swim lessons this summer too! He's excited about it.

4.Jeff is wonderful. So helpful in the mornings to get the kids ready. So good at making me laugh...even when I don't want to. He is praying about going back to school. They are starting a masters level program at ETBU in the fall. He has had about 3 professors already approach him to tell him he really needed to. He wants to, I want him to. But also, I want my husband to myself! lol. And its just so darn expensive.

Well, I CANNOT wait until school is out. This year has been a good year, but it has truly worn me out! Ready to spend lots of time with my kids, do some fun youth/church stuff, and do some sewing!