Sunday, December 9, 2012


Why do we live our life as though God is waiting on a new and improved future version of ourselves in order to love us.

My daughter is a royal mess.

These are the things I wish she would do:
1. Not mess up her brothers well planned out nascar race. And then laugh...
2. TeeTee in the potty
3. Eat a cracker without it looking like a hail storm hit my living room.
4. Say please and thank you and not scream demands at me.

But... I love my Carley. The way she is now. Because she is mine.

I would never tell her, "Come back in a few years when you are potty trained and have better manners. Then we will talk about this whole mother/daughter thing."

Why can we not understand that Christ's death on the cross was sufficient even for our current cruddy state? He did not postpone his love for the completed result of you. We exhaust ourselves with lists of our lists of things that we need to fix before we approach Jesus for a real relationship with him.

Why do I wish Carley would not do the above things? Because I love her too much for her to stay the way she is. I don't want her going on her first date with no manners and being a sprinkler of food. Now, does Carley have some awesome days, sure! There are days that I can tell she is even TRYING to please me! And how does her efforts change my love? It doesn't!

"You say, 'Come just as you are. So here I stand unholy. And I thank you, Lord, that you won't leave me that way."