Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am asking for prayer for our youth at church...specifically the high school girls (mainly just because they are the ones I work the closest with). I had a God moment tonight in our small group where words came out of me that I hadn't planned on coming out of me. Jenni was teaching about being prepared for death. Preparing our lives for dying or Jesus returning. Then we started discussing what it meant to "be saved." These girls understand that it is more than just believing or going to church. They know that its more than just having the faith, but LIVING like you have faith.

Then the words came out. I told them that because of the way that alot of them live I wasn't too sure that some of them were saved. *Gasp* I can't believe I said that...but its true. I challenged them to think about their lives and decipher if they really are a child of God. Then I told them that Jenni and I would be calling them to ask them about it.

Pray for is hard for me to hold someone else accountable. I don't like hurting feelings or making someone feel uncomfortable. And honestly, I haven't ever really cared about holding someone accountable, because I've never cared about other people before. So this is new to me...caring....and caring enough to call them out. That is one reason I am posting this. Is to hold myself accountable for holding them accountable. It would be really easy to just not call them. But now that I have posted it on here...I have to.

Pray for the teenagers in our group. It is so exciting to be a part of a youth group that grows in numbers. However, it is extremely discouraging to be a part of a youth group that does not grow spiritually. Out of about 35 teenagers. We are only sure of about 3 that are Christians. That is scary and challenging and overwhelming to us. And it is heartbreaking.

Anyway, I ask for prayers, because I know that I, or Jeff, or Jenni, or anyone cannot save them. But I know that God can. I don't know why, but I always feel selfish when I ask for I'm bringing too much attention to myself or something...I know its stupid...I guess its really a pride issue. But anyway, I appreciate your prayers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter 2009


So we went on a field trip to Gators and Friends with my class last Friday. So I decided to take Jeff and Colin the next day. I wondered how Colin would react to the animals. He's not afraid of dogs, or kitties, but these are MUCH bigger animals and I didn't know if it would scare him or not. But he LOVED it! He was precious. He made a funny face every time the animals would lick his hands. He also was brave enough to touch the a-gager (aka alligator)! It was a great day! Here are some pics!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

4 things

Four names people call me:
1. Saeer
2. Mommy
3. Mrs. Stapleton
4. Stap-leee-tawn

Four movies I would watch more than once
1. Hmmmm...not much of a movie watcher, but I guess Cars
2. Princess Bride
3. Horton Hears a Who
4. Cinderella Man

Four places I have lived:
1. Kelly Terrace in Arlington, Tx
2. Van Zandt St. in Marshall, Tx
3. N. Grove St. in Marshall, Tx
4. about to be at Linwood Dr. in Marshall, Tx

Four places I have been in the last 48 hrs:
1. Gators and Friends in Greenwood, LA
2. Arbys
3. Mr. Kolaches and Donuts
4. Crossroads Baptist Church

Four People who e-mail (or call or text) regularly:
1. mom
2. jenni
3. kelli
4. jeff

Four of my favorite foods:
1. chips and salsa
2. tamales
3. zuchinni/squash
4. jeff's fried chicken

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. In my bed
2. in my new house
3. fixing up the yard at our new house
4. laying out in the sun watching Colin play

Four things I am looking forward to this year:
1. moving
2. Colin turning 2! He is growing up!
3. Summer events with church
4. my 5 year anniversary with the hubs

Four TV shows that I watch:
2. Everybody Loves Raymond
3. The Office
4. Antiques Road Show

Friday, April 17, 2009

home on a rainy night

I just got a haircut and I LOVE it. I've gotten alot of cruddy haircuts lately and this is the first one I've had in a long time that I have been pleased with. Its not anything dramatically different. Just cleaned up, stacked in the back and I got a little bit of bangs cut. Its just right!

Not much new news on the house buying process. We got the house inspected, applied for the loan, now just waiting. Closing date will be on or before May 15th. I'm excited, but totally not looking forward to packing/unpacking (aka know me and my desire for cleanliness and organization). I am excited to "set up" the house and put everything in its place. We will have to buy a few things though. We need a fridge, lawn mower, and shed. Then there are things we want. I want a small desk, a twin bed with pop up trundle that fits under it, a dresser, and a toy box. One thing at a time, though, right?

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed lately. And when stress comes, IBS acts up! (I'm sure you wanted to know that...) Anyway, I get frustrated with dividing my time/energy/focus between my different responsibilities. I can't juggle it all at once. I wish I could keep all the balls in the air. You know, my mommy ball, my teacher ball, my youth ministry ball, my wife ball. I want to be able to keep them circulating and moving and happy. But instead I am forced to pick one ball at a time and the rest are laying on the ground...just waiting.

And I feel a great deal of guilt.

But over the past year, I have realized that God doesn't need me. He is God and he still works regardless of whether or not I can juggle it all. I am working on losing the idea that everything depends on me to keep going but instead trying to practice depending and trusting in God to juggle those balls instead. I just need to give them to God.

I can imagine God saying, "Hand over the balls... and no one gets hurt!"

I am a dork.

I am also convicted about not being prepared. Now...I am a preparer and a planner. But only for things that concern me and my work. But I've realized lately that I am not preparing my self, my mind, and my heart for HIS work.

For example, I want to spend time in his word. Yet I do nothing to prepare my self for time for that. I could go to bed 30 minutes earlier, so that I can get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to spend time with him. But instead, I stay up 30 minutes later watching TV or playing on the computer.

Also, I want to be a servant and help other people. But I don't prepare my heart and mind to expect those types of situations to come up during the day. For example, a friend comes in my classroom at the end of the day to talk to me. Instead of eagerly embracing that expected situation to be a Christlike confidant, I get irritated that my time and routine has been interrupted.

So...I'm definitely working on not feeling guilt and worry for not living up to what I think I should be, but also trying to find practical ways to be what I know God wants me to be.

Hope all that rambling made did to me.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

House Hunt Update

Just made an offer on that house. We should find out Monday if it is accepted or countered. Scary!

The House Hunt and other stuff (very long post)

So we have been looking for a while. We have only seen 5 or 6 houses in person, but honestly there are probably only 15 houses listed in our price range total! So there is not a lot to choose from.

Jeff REALLY wanted (and I did too) a house on the other side of 20 closer to our church. But the reality is that there are less houses that direction anyway, making the chances lower that there is one for sale. We did find 2, but they wouldn't work for us.

We did find 2 that we REALLY liked here in Marshall. One is by Crockett (the "good" school....and consequently the "good" neighborhood). It is 3 bedrooms 1 bath. 1 bath kind of stinks, but it is a big bathroom, and 1 bath is not as big of deal until you have teenagers. Also there is potential to add a full or half bath. So we might do that to add value to the house. The kitchen is small, but updated and clean. The living room is HUGE. It has an attached 2 car carport that is really nice. The only work it needs is some landscaping and a deck in the back....and the 2nd bathroom if we chose to.

The other one is down town just south of the hospital. It is by South Marshall Elem. But also less than 2 miles to my school. It is a shotgun style of house. Older...built in 1920. But nice. The layout was NOT what we liked though. Its basically one big long hallway with rooms off of it. The living room was in a weird spot and it wasn't even close to the dining and kitchen. However, this house had 2 baths that were NICE. And the kitchen was SO big and nice. It just needed new countertops. It had very high ceilings which looked cool but is not very energy efficient. It did have potential for us knock out some walls to change the layout though.

However, we are leaning toward the first one. We like the neighborhood SO much better. And out of all the schools, I want Colin to go to Crockett. And if not,
he will come with me. We wouldn't have to do as much work on it either. And the layout is good. Its kind of nerve-racking. the whole making an offer, closing costs, inspections, etc.

People keep telling me "make sure you really want to stay there/here." Mainly because we came here with the intent of leaving right after Jeff graduated. I have that concern some too. Are we sure we want to do this? Well the funny thing is, I don't want to stay but feel at peace about staying.

Marshall is not that great of a town. There is nothing that appeals to me here. But we both feel that our work here is not done. Jeff and I LOVE the church and feel that we are making some great relationships there with people. I love my school and feel that I am making some great relationships there too. There are lots of lost people here (as there is anywhere). I know that I can't save people, but I want to be available to let God work through me in these relationships that I have built with people here in Marshall.

Also, Jeff has no doubt that God wants us to stay here longer. For the most indecisive person to say that is comforting to me. He rarely says that about decisions we have to make. He has only said that about 3 things since we've been together. Marrying me, moving here, and now staying here!

As far as Jeff working full time after he graduates. It will happen in some form or fashion. The church really doesn't know if they will do it or not. They might eventually. If not, Jeff said that he will sub at EF schools. Also, there might potentially be some work for Jeff with a photographer from our church. He does all pictures (class pictures and sporting events) for EF and another district and does alot of weddings. Jeff is actually helping him with a wedding today. But the guy kind of hinted that if things go well, maybe he could help him out with some other stuff. That would be great for him to do sporting events, since we go to some of those anyway. So I'm not too worried about him making a little more money after he graduates.

In some other notes. We've been hanging out with Jenni and Tim ALOT. I love them so much and have already cried twice thinking about them leaving next summer. I understand why they are and am excited for them to start a life somewhere else. I just hate that what God wants for us doesn't always include the people you love the most. But like Jenni said yesterday, "We just have to relish the rest of the time we do have together." And its definitely not the end. It will just look a little different. I hope to do alot of us sending each other's kids to eachother. Some cousin time. And some just visiting eachother for weekends!

Colin is SO dadgum cute! Just a fun little man. Talking in some short sentences, labeling things. He can 1/2 way spell his name (saying it, not writing it obviously). He says, "C 0 L ....Cockin!" Its cute how he says his name. He can also count to 7! By himself, its crazy. He loves to dance. He loves to look in the mirror when he is naked and slap his belly. He loves to write...not color though. He wants a pen or pencil. He's definitely in the throwing a fit stage though. Like the arching his back and plopping on the ground kind of stuff. He did that at the ETBU baseball game last was embarrasing.

Youth stuff is going great. Having fun with the kids. We just had a junior high only event and took 18 jr high kids. They are crazy kids. We are having a service project coming up in a few weeks that will help pay for 1/3 of kids youth camp if they come. We have also just started a Wed night series about the parables of Jesus. That's cool. Everyone loves a good story. I am excited about continuing that.

Well I have definitely rambled on for long enough. Sorry it was so long. I had alot to catch up on!