Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My boring life

I am totally bored. My mom is at work and I am just trying to kill time before Jeff get's here tonight. I can't wait for him to get here. I didn't see him at all last week. I only saw him on Friday night and part of Saturday. I miss him. He is bringing Guitar Hero. I am totally in love with that game. I have always hated video games. But this and Wii seems much more interactive and productive to me. ...Sooo lets see what other pointless information I can share about my life... My mom told me I should update and I told her I don't have anything exciting to say. She said I should tell everyone that I am eating her tuna and wild rice today (my favorite) and that I should post the recipe. So I will post that next time (maybe...I will probably forget.) So I am also going to kill time by doing another one of these silly surveys. I stole this from Amanda at a special blend. Thanks Amanda for helping me pass 10 minutes of my life!

The ABC's of Me
A) Age ~ 25
B) Burger of choice ~with cheese and no onions or pickles
C) Car ~2206 Kia Rio
D) Dog's name ~ no dogs....just fish
E) Essential item you use every day ~ deoderant
F) Favorite TV show ~ House Hunters
G) Favorite Game to play ~ hmmm...i really like word games like Scrabble or Boggle
H) Hometown ~ Arlington, Tx
I) Instruments I play ~ piano, violin
J) Favorite Juice ~ pine orange banana
K) Whose whatnots would I love to kick? ~ haha...that's funny....i can't think of anyone though
L) Last restaurant I ate at ~ ...Taco Bueno with my Jenni! Jenni and I are both Bueno freaks and they don't have them in Marshall, so we had to take the chance while we had it!
M) Favorite Muppet ~ Beaker! He is a man of few words.
N) Number of piercings ~ both ears are double-pierced
O) Overnight hospital stays ~ only once to have Colin
P) People I was with today ~ Colin, mom, dad, papa, jeff will be here tonight
Q) What do I do in my quiet time ~be quiet
R) Biggest regret ~ I don't regret my decision to move away because I was obedient to Christ, but I do hate that it caused tension in some relationships.
S) Status ~ Married
T) Time I woke up ~ 7:30
U) What I consider unique ~ people's "lifesong." I love hearing other people's stories of how God has worked in them.
V) Vegetables I love ~ black eyed peas, cabbage, tomatoes
W) Worst habit ~ obsessing about what others think about me
X) X-rays I have had ~ none.
Y) Yummy food I ate today ~ I am about to eat a Kolache from Shipleys (another thing I have to take advantage of when I am here)
Z) Zodiac sign ~ who cares.

*I promise I will post something next time that is a little more productive than the nonsense I just posted. I apologize to anyone who just read this :)


Amanda Jo said...

Hey - I enjoyed reading that "nonsense". I think Arlington has the last Shipleys in the world. Man I miss that place!

I didn't know you were a Scrabble fan! Scrabble fans are few and far between. In Bedford they have a Scrabble club that meets in Tace Bueno. Pretty amazing, huh?

JenniD said...

You may be bored...but I am so excited to be in the same city as you again!!

kate said...

You're not boring! Anyone with a baby that cute can't be there.

Taylor said...

We had a lot of fun last night on the lake!! More importantly, it was really good to just talk. :)