Saturday, August 28, 2010

colin and carley


Age: 3 years and 1 month

Weight: 30 pounds. 3T clothes and size 10 shoe

Feedings: Eats us out of the house sometimes! I think he is an emotional eater....anytime he is bored I catch him opening the fridge and staring. I don't even think he is hungry....just needs something to do. haha. His favorites are 'bacroni and cheese,' cheese sandwhiches (grilled cheese), bananas, oats (oatmeal), and spaghetti or spaghettios,

Favorites: "mario kart" and "mario taxi" (mario galaxy) on wii, playing on the playground at mommy's school, going on walks, playing golf and baseball, playing drums and guitar, sonic, swimming with his floaties by himself, his new big boy class (3year old class)

Least Favorites: being told no and being told he has to go potty when he is having too much fun playing.

Issues: Colin has grown up so much. We don't have issues with fit throwing hardly ever. The main thing we have issues with now is him ignoring/not listening to what we tell him to do. In his new class they have a color change system and he got on the sad face/red the other day for not listening to his teacher. People have asked me if i think he has a hearing Because its amazing how you can yell at the top of your lungs for him to pick up his toys and he ignores...but if you whisper the word 'mario kart' in another room he will come running with the wiimotes!

Personality: Mini-Jeff. Very spastic, silly, fidgety, observant and inquisitive. Always noticing little details, loves to be around people, he is everyone's friend. He is also so caring of other people. He hates when someone is sad or has a boo-boo.

Areas to Work On: Saying ok and doing what mommy/daddy tell him to do, controlling his emotions when he gets upset. When he cries, it is very where people stare. :/

New Things: wearing undies all the time now! We don't have to tell him to go on his own very often. He will just jump up and say, "I gotta go potty!" and run to the bathroom. He goes all by himself, and it has been SO helpful that 1)we don't buy diapers for him anymore! 2)I don't have to help him go. Such a big boy!

Randomness: He LOVES his sister. He is very excited that starting on Monday, Carley gets to go to school with him and also starting sometime this week Carley will be sleeping in his room.


Age: almost 2 months!

Weight: approximately 9 pounds and wearing some 0-3 month clothes

Feedings: She eats about 4 ounces every 3 hours. Except for at night.

Favorites: her "friends" (the jungle animals on the swing mobile). She smiles at them and talks to them. Its too cute! She also loves her spot on the recliner. She lays on the recliner between me and the arm rest. I think she likes being wedged in and she nuzzles her nose toward the arm.

Least Favorites: getting her nose sucked out. She likes her bath, but does not like the transition from warm water to towel. She gets angry when she is cold....I really don't know who she got that from!

Issues: she pulls her own hair. Her arms start flailing and she grabs a chunk of her hair. Then she is just ticked off that someone is pulling her hair! haha.

Personality: She is SO laid back. I know she is just a baby and things can change as she grows, but there is already such a huge difference between her and colin. Just give her a blanket and a bottle every once in a while and she is happy!

Areas to Work On: I guess getting her to eat a little more and gain a little more weight...but at the same time, her weight and the amount she eats is not anything to be worried about.

New Things: She sleeps through the night! She recently started going about 6 hours without eating at night, and now she is sleeping about 7, sometimes 8 hours at night time! I am thrilled! And now I think its time for her to be roommates with colin and not her parents anymore.

Randomness: Trying to decide what i want her to be for halloween. Any suggestions? I always like the idea of the family dressing up as something together. And I like homemade stuff too, because I am cheap.

I love these kids! They wear me out, but bring such joy to our lives!