Thursday, August 12, 2010

Childly updates

Update on each kid!

1)Carley is precious to me. She is such a good calm baby. She has started smiling and I will make myself look like a fool just to see that smile. She smiles with her eyes even! Hopefully we will catch it on camera or video soon and post it! I took her with me to my dr's appointment yesterday and she smiled at my doctor! It was sweet. I am LOVING putting hairbows on her. I don't have that many, so I'm ready to make a Canton trip soon to buy a whole bunch! She is getting bigger and is more and more alert every day. She makes lots of eye contact and I've caught her staring at Colin quite a few times too. Their carseats are right next to eachother in the car and she will just look over at him like she thinks he hung the moon! She may not think that in a few years when he starts picking on her.

2) Colin looks like a MAN! For a long time I could still see traces of baby in him (baby cheeks, short legs, still wanted to be held). Now all of that is gone and he is a full fledged boy now! Next thing I know he will have a cracking puberty voice and will be asking girls out on dates! Ahhhh!
His vocabulary grows every day. I LOVE the conversations I have with him. It is funny, however, when he gets a word wrong. He listens to a praise CD that has a song on it that he loves. But when he sings it he says, "Jesus came to save 'nonners' like 'q' and me!" He is in "manderwear" (as Jeff so beautifully named them) full time now! We did undies just at school and home for a long time and now we wear them in public too. He has done great! Its a lot of work on our part as parents to take him to the bathroom ALL the time, but its worth it to not go through the diapers!

Here are a few pics that Jeff took of the kids one Sunday!

Those hands of hers are constantly moving!

Carley and mommy

What a stud! See what I mean about no baby left?

Sportin the new chucks! If you know our family, you know we all have to have a pair of chucks. Even Carley has some pink ones! Thinkin this pic should be in an ad for Converse!

And now here are some pics from Colin's birthday party. Still cannot believe he is 3!

His "gootar" cake

His new Rangers hat and glove from Granny and Pops

We surprised him with "pupcakes" and cheetoes and a balloon at his school. He was very excited!

Thank you God for my children. I pray for the day of their salvation and that they will grow up to be the man and woman you want them to be. Give me and Jeff wisdom and help us to be Godly examples to point them in your direction!


marge said...

What a beautiful family! I love the guitar cake. How great!