Tuesday, June 22, 2010

picture uploads...without Jeff's help

Im kind of a ding dong when it comes to taking pictures and uploading them. Normally Jeff takes them AND puts them on the computer for me. Well, he is gone....and by gosh I can do this by myself, right? Well I took the pics of the kids room myself with Jeff's big fancy camera. Didn't really know what I was doing or how to focus, so they may not be as good of quality. Then I started pulling out all sorts of cables and cords from his camera bag and just started randomly plugging in things until pictures popped up on my laptop. Success! Anyway, here are some pictures of a few random things.

First, we had an 80's skate night/end of year party with our youth. It was pretty fun. This was also like 2 days after Jeff got back from Greece. So he was jetlagged and Colin was VERY clingy to him. So we took Colin too. Colin had so much fun "scaping" as he called it. He had to stay on the carpet because the rink was too dangerous for him. But he was pretty determined to go out there with daddy. At one point Jeff decided to carry Colin in his arms while he skated around the rink a few times. It was so sweet when I looked up and saw Colin with his arms wrapped around his daddy's neck and his head on Jeff's shoulder with the BIGGEST most content smile. He had just missed him so bad and was glad to be with him. I wish I did have a picture of that. Here are some of our youth and Colin.

A couple of weekends ago we were able to go to Arlington to visit our grandparents. We got to visit my grandpa who is now in a nursing home. He was too cute in his reebok and adidas "comfy clothes." Im used to seeing him in jeans and a button up collar shirt with too much crap in the front pocket of his shirt and his buttons all in the wrong holes making him crooked looking. haha! I just love my papa. At one point Colin leaned onto him to give him a hug and took him on a wheelchair ride across the room that I don't think Papa was prepared for. Papa's face was priceless. Here is my cute Papa. He is such a good and generous man and I have so much respect for him.

Then we got to see Jeff's grandparents. I always enjoy visiting with Jeff's grandparents. I could literally sit with them all day and talk. They have the sweetest and most welcoming attitude and they have no boundaries on who they love. I hope to be like that too! I know Jeff adores his grandparents and I hate that we don't get to see our families as much as we would like. Here are Jeff's precious grandparents.

Lastly, I've been a little overly crafty. I feel like my "wall hangings" I have created for the kids room have turned out good. But I might have gone a little overboard and made everything too "matchy-matchy." Oh well, I had fun doing it. And thats what happens when I get left alone and bored! Colin is very excited that Carley's bed will be in his room. I hope he still feels that way when she is actually in there! haha.

view of room from the door

i painted the canvases and traced bowls to make the circles. A 6$ project!

painted edge of embroidery hoops brown, bought 1/2 a yard of 3 different kinds of fabric, and hot glued brown bows to hide brass fastener. An 8$ project!

Already had the frame. Green scrapbook paper for background. Printed a blown up C off a clipart website and traced it on brown scrapbook and hotglued a green bow on top. A less than 2$ project!

I have no more walls to make a wall hanging for, so I guess I am at a stand still! Haha. So that is what has been going on in my world. Jeff is at youth camp this week, so keep them in your prayers. We have about 23 students and 6 adults there. Pray for salvation for some and growth for others! I am actually super jealous that I am not there. I am wishing I was with alot of "my girls" there during this special week. But at the same time, it is nice to rest and spend time with Colin...just me and him...before Carley comes to turn our world upside down!


Stephanie Calderon said...

WOW Sarah I am really impressed! I love all of the stuff you made it is all really cute!! no you make me wanna be crafty too ha! you really did a great job! and I dont think you made it to matchy it looks great ;)

Taylor said...

SO CUTE!!!! I can't believe it is the same room! You have done a splendid job my dear! Can't wait until I see a BABY in that room!!!

marge said...

love what you did with the kiddos' room. adorable!