Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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FOR TODAY Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Outside my window...are lots and I mean.....LOTS of dead carpenter ants. Orkin came and sprayed today (which I am SO glad they did), but the result is dead ants all over my carport. At least they are dead though, right?

I am remembering...when my sweet boy was born 3 years ago. We just had a great birthday party for him this past weekend. It was so cool to see that the little premature baby I used to be able to carry around like a football is the same big 3 year old that was interacting with his friends at his party and insisted, "Sing Happy Birfday to me agayun!" (yes....he said "again" like a true East Texan)

I am thankful for...Jenni and Tim! I was so sad when they left. I finally accepted the fact that they werent coming back...and now they are moving back to Longview! Woohoo! So excited to have my sister-in-law and friend back. Glad my kiddos aunt is back. And I'm even glad to have Tim back! .....can't believe I just said that. haha.

I am creating...a clean and organized classroom....agayun. I've been up to my classroom a few times and I LOVE this time of year when you start fresh and arrange your furniture. I love the clean waxed floors and fresh butcher paper on the bulletin boards!

I am Arlington this weekend and all next week. Our friends/neighbors, Sheryl and Kyle, are getting married in Abilene this weekend and I am SO excited to be a part of that! Then I'm hanging out with my parents and hoping to see a few friends over the next week.

I am reading...My Beth Moore study. I'm a little over 3/4 done with it. Also about to start reading The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. I've read it before (a long time ago) but I want to read it again now that I am in a different phase of life and struggle with discipline in different areas than what I struggled with 5 years ago. Should be good!

I am hoping...that in a few weeks when we take a "middle of the night feeding" away, that little Carley will still sleep! I enjoy feeding her in the night because it is just us and the house is calm and quiet....but I also LONG for 4 or 5....dare I even say 6 straight hours of sleep. We will see how it goes!

On my mind... Do you really want to know? Ok this is how my brain works on a normal day...."How many ounces should she be taking now? When is the last time Colin tee-teed in the potty? Is that another darn ant I see? Why does my son feel the need to eat fruit snacks 8 times a day? I know someone has a dr's appointment tomorrow but I can't remember who. I'll check my calendar in my purse....Where in the crap is my purse?!? I sure wish Jeff would pick up his underwear off the floor! Its time for Carley to eat again. I'll make a bottle...welp...all the bottles are dirty....sure wish I had a dishwasher!"

My brain is on overload...I'm curious to see how it will be when school starts and I add that responsibility back in. You know, I feel crazy sometimes, but I absolutely LOVE the chaos....if that makes any sense.

From the learning rooms...see "I am creating."

Noticing that...its pointless to pick up toys in my house. Colin doesn't believe in toy boxes.

Pondering these words... "the people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me." Isaiah 29:13

From the kitchen...spaghetti last night, sweet and sour chicken the night before, Don't know about tonight. Wednesday night = church night = fend for yourself.

Around the house...I cleaned our bedroom for the first time in about 2 months. WOW! Found all sorts of crazy stuff. Don't judge me, but we NEVER make our bed...its just not a priority right now...Anyway I found a toy car, a cracker, a Walmart receipt, and the missing TV remote between the sheets.

One of my favorite things...laughing with friends at something that really truly is not even that funny. That happens often with our group of friends because we are all nerds and have a weird sense of humor.

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Taylor said...

Miss Carley has some long feet! :)

Mary said...

You are coming to Abilene?!? You are so close to should just keep driving a little further and come see us!!!