Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"a little of this and a little of that"

When my great aunt was living and first diagnosed with alzheimers she said something that made me smile. At the beginning stages of this she was still cognitive enough to know that something wasn't right with her, so she would find clever ways to "hide" it. One day, someone asked her what she had eaten for lunch. She couldn't remember so she just responded with a simple, "Oh....a little of this and a little of that."

Don't really know why I shared that....thought it would be a good title for a blog that is about to be all over the place and it reminded me of her saying that.

I stayed home (again!) with Colin today. I have just about maxed out out the days I can take between colin and my doctor appointments. I cannot get this kid well. Diarrhea, BAD hiney rash, dehydrated, lethargic. I am so so ready for this to get better. I tried to take him to the doc, but nurse was saying it would really be a waste of time and money because there really isn't much you can do for diarrhea. we are cleaning up mess after mess, trying to get fluids down, and trying to heal a poor hiney.

Life is incredibly chaotic right now. Its not a bad thing necessarily....just makes me tense sometimes that it is one thing after another. But atleast most of it is stuff that I am really excited about and look forward to.

We have a JAM PACKED but exciting schedule ahead of us. Let me share my calendar with you...

April 14 - Plates of Praise at EF high school
April 15 - Jeff's senior dinner banquet (and the first "date" we've gone on in like 6 months! haha)
April 17 - Highway 80 garage sales (LOVE!)
April 21 and 22 - training for school (not love!)
April 23 - dr appointment and another glucose test (yuck!)
April 24 - youth group high school paint ball trip (I will prob not be attending that!)
April 26 - field trip to Gators and Friends
May 1 - JEFF FINALLY GRADUATES! graduation party to follow at our house. :)
May 4 - school baby shower
May 8 - church baby shower
May 16 - Jeff leaves for Greece
May 25 - Jeff comes home!
May 29 - 6 year anniversary!
June 4 - last day of school!
July 13th - Carley Erin's debut! (as of now)

Whew! May not have much time to post between now and then! Or after that for that matter.
I definitely feel blessed and excited about all that is going on in our life since we have been here in marshall. God is good! And even though I haven't had sleep or money in the past 3 years that we have been here, I wouldn't have it any other way. The joy of knowing God and seeing him at work outweighs all that.

On another quick note, please keep the Graff/Hopson family in your prayers. Heather (a former ETBU student and our old neighbors there) passed away last week from a massive brain aneurysm. She left behind her husband, Jacob, and a 4 month old baby girl, Ava.

She wasn't a real avid blogger, but when she did you could tell that she had a love for Christ. Some of the things that she wrote on her blog were read at her funeral. Her blog is


Maile said...

Sounds like you have a crazy life going on right now. Sorry your little man has been sick. James has been sick, too. Just when I thought winter was over and we would be in the clear. . . GAG! Good luck with your upcoming balancing act.

Taylor said...

Update please! :) Preferably with pictures!